The Unsung Heros of Hurricane Harvey

We want to hear from everyone.

So many of us here at Royal Air Houston have been affected by this storm and we are hearing some really amazing things about the actions of a select few people. These people really represent #HoustonStrong. We ourselves lost a whole location due to flooding. My boss (The Owner) came to me and told me that even though we have lost a location he wanted to reward this great city by helping those that took time to help others in the crisis. These people need to be honored and rewarded for their selfless acts. So we need everyone's help to identify these amazing people. We want you all to send us an email and pictures if you have them of some you believe is an unsung hero of Harvey. We will post them all here on this page and make sure we honor them. Two very special people that have demonstrated the selfless heroism we should all strive for will be rewarded with a Brand new Complete Air Conditioning unit. This is how and why we are all #HoustonStrong.

This is what we need:
The name of the person (if you know it)
Please tell us what it is that they did.
Any pictures that you may have taken.
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